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Completely licensed and fully compliant Maine Medical Marijuana Caregivers. We are a husband and wife team with over 15 years of cultivation experience. We offer nothing but top shelf exclusive lines of clean, pest, mold, & mildew free products. All of our genetics are started by seed using a rigorous elimination process only keeping the most desirable phenotypes (sometimes it takes 50+ seeds grown out and flowered to find something worthy of staying in our stable). We entered our first cannabis completion in 2017 and have medaled in The Secret Cup as well as a 1st at High Times Cannabis Cup. Our strains are clone only and will not be found elsewhere, others may share the same name but the proof is in the pudding.

We operate in pristine and custom built commercial space for cannabis cultivation. Our rooms are sheeted in food grade PVC siding which allows us to completely wash down walls after every harvest, all our air handlers and duct work have UVC bulbs installed to neutralize any spores or containments. We recycle all of our "grey" water after a process of sediment filtering and using glass enclosed UVC bulbs which insure complete sterilization of H2O. Waste not want not, our watersheds are invaluable. We follow a strict Intergraded Pest Management (IPM) program which can be highlighted by a bi-weekly introduction of predatory mites and nematodes as well as our "sterile attire in, sterile attire out" policy. Our facility has substantial supplemental lighting (plasma induction lamps) in all flowering rooms insuring proper development of flowers and trichome's. Finally all flowers are quality controlled by a final hand trim, call today and see what your missing out on! 


~Please check out our link "Cannabis Menu & Online Ordering" for a streamlined process

~We only serve valid MMJ patients, please don't ask us to break the law...

~Please begin by emailing or texting a picture of your Designation Card 

~Paul's Boutique Nursery is now accepting out-of-state patients  

PLEASE make sure to reach out to us at least 15 days before you travel so we can inform you of the Visiting Patient Provider Form

~Delivery radius is 10 miles from Windham, exemptions for larger orders

~Minimum delivery of $60 

~24 hour notice is very helpful and sometimes required for delivery orders due to busy schedules

~If you would like us to return your call it's important that you leave a message

Exotic Genetics

We strive to offer only the best genetics that can be found nowhere else. Please browse our social media for lots of pictures and info

Menu includes so much more than flowers

We offer a wide variety of cannabis products, check us out at (link attached)  Weedmaps for full and up to date menu!

Clothing Apparel Now Available

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