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From a twenty year fascination and interest in the cannabis plant and its properties, Paul’s Boutique Nursery was created by a husband and wife team in 2015. Today, with the commitment of the entire Paul’s Boutique family, the company is one of Windham, Maine’s leading medical marijuana caregivers. What started out in a renovated automobile repair shop is now a 4000 square-foot, state of the art grow facility. While keeping up with its descriptive name, Paul’s Boutique purposefully chooses to keep an artisanal approach to all its products and services. The company has now expanded to also include a cannabis extract processing lab with a commercial kitchen and a retail store front. The company focuses on providing high level products and services by creating a vertically integrated business with rigid quality standards from seed to sale. Paul’s Boutique has made a major commitment to being on the forefront of the Maine market.

The latest expansion of the business is the opening of a charming new store front in Windham. This allows Paul’s Boutique to better serve the medical community of Maine as well as many card holding out of state visitors who travel Highway 302. With many years of combined cultivation experience, the Paul’s Boutique team offers nothing but top shelf, hand picked strains of clean, pest, mold and mildew free products. All of their genetics are started by seed using a rigorous elimination process and only the most desirable genotype are kept. The plants that make the cut are cultivated in a pristine custom built commercial space. Grow rooms are sheeted in food grade PVC siding which allows for complete wash down of walls after every Harvest. Air handlers and duct work have UVC bulbs installed to neutralize any spores or contaminants while all "grey" water is recycled after a process of sediment filtering and reverse osmosis using glass enclosed UVC bulbs which ensure complete sterilization of H2O. They follow a strict Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program which can be highlighted with a weekly introduction of predatory mites and nematodes. To help ensure clean lines, their grow rooms utilize a "sterile attire in, sterile attire out" policy. The facility has substantial supplemental lighting (plasma induction lamps) in all flowering rooms ensuring proper development of flowers and trichomes. Finally, all flowers are quality controlled by a final hand trim which yields to a finer product.

The recent addition of a Tier 1 Non-hazardous Extraction license has enabled the company to produce a variety of “Single Source” non solvent extractions. From coins to jams and butters, using quality & fresh starting material, Paul’s Boutique Extracts is utilizing whole plant fresh frozen material and pharmaceutical freeze dryers to preserve terpene rich solventless hash. They have invested in a top-notch automated dual pressure mechanical press that consistently produces quality batches of “Live Rosin” and their premium “Rosin Coins” which consist of screened and graded fresh trichomes, a product that stands out in an industry full of hash rosin.

Paul’s Boutique Kitchen is now licensed and running, producing a line of quality, fresh cannabis infused edibles. Items include varieties of chocolate bars, truffles, hard candies, mints, and caramel using fine beligian chocolate and local ingredients when possible. Soon to come is a line of health-conscious sugar-free edibles for those with dietary restrictions. This in-house kitchen enables them to produce a delicious array of edibles that are accurately dosed, tested, and packaged professionally, and enables them to source all their products in house and keep a watchful eye on quality control. This ensures all products meet their strict expectations for cleanliness and quality, while being offered at a fair price.

The Paul’s Boutique storefront is located in North Windham on Highway 302 at Crimson Drive in a highly visible location with ample parking. A private consultation room is available to discuss any questions or concerns about cannabis and its uses. A warm and inviting check-in area, as well as multiple budtending stations help create a smooth and pleasant shopping experience.

Paul’s Boutique has carefully chosen CBD vendors who are local cultivators, extractors, and producers. The store also carries a full array of flowers, concentrates, vape pens and edibles. Paul’s Boutique apparel and accessories such as functional glass art and rolling papers are available. The walls are adorned with inhouse ‘pot’ography for sale to those interested in artwork for their personal use.

Paul’s Boutique is deeply involved in the local Community as members of the Chamber of Commerce  and as supporters of community outreach programs such as Riding to the Top, Camp Sunshine, Outdoors Again, Windham High School, Windham Food Pantry,Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Maine Game Warden Association, Windham Firefighters, Tri Area (Windham, Westbrook, & Gorham) Police Force and others. Additionally, the owner was recently appointed to Windham’s Marijuana Task Force for Cannabis Regulation. 

The Paul’s Boutique family’s focus of high quality small batch product is also being recognized by the cannabis community in the form of several awards. They entered their first cannabis competition in 2017 and medaled in The Secret Cup, as well as the High Times Cannabis Cups. Their strains are clone only and will not be found elsewhere, in spite of the fact that others may sometimes share a common name. It is certain is that Paul’s Boutique Nursery will continue to offer the outstanding service and quality products for which it has already become known!

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